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Insights Peter Vickers

A hands-on designer, Peter is passionate about beautifully hand-crafted design and painstakingly skilful techniques. He knows a fine looking brand when he sees one. He’s always on the lookout for meaningful insights in unexpected places. And he’ll make you laugh along the way!

To Peter Vickers a dozen eggs says a fond farewell.

A Fond Farewell

It is with a dollop of gratitude, a spoonful of thankfulness and a sprinkling of sadness that I am to announce that I will no longer be an egg in…

By Peter Vickers : 25/07/2016
Favourite design books by Peter Vickers

Favourite Design Books

Ambrose / Harris : The Basics Design A fantastic set of books that focus on describing, unpacking and giving examples of a specific design element. These books include Format,…

By Peter Vickers : 15/03/2016
White space, the importance on letting design breathe

The Importance of Nothing

Why is white space important to a designer? A tool to aid communication and allow space for typography and colour to take prominence.

By Peter Vickers : 11/03/2016
The a dozen eggs team with Peter Vickers.

Celebrating 1 Year as an egg man

What a year it has been. As of February the 1st, this soft boiled egg has hit the one year mark as part of the a dozen eggs team.

By Peter Vickers : 25/02/2016
The importance of brand guidelines

Why are brand guidelines important?

Brand guidelines are created in order to establish consistency when a logo is applied. A set of rules to check decisions against can be a very wise move in large organisations with big design teams.

By Peter Vickers : 21/12/2015
The purpose of a helmet

Purpose of a helmet

Not that long ago in a galaxy really very close, a film was announced to be released… the seventh episode of the ‘galacticaly’ epic Star Wars story. Without throwing…

By Peter Vickers : 14/10/2015