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As you’d expect from our former technical lead, Chris was highly knowledgeable, up-to-date and passionate about every aspect of web design and development. With a technical mind and a designer’s eye he brought a strong understanding of the power of branding within the digital realm. Chris’s content is always engaging and useful, weighing up and considering arguments carefully; and striving for the best in brand and user experience.

Growing brands through web - understanding the needs of your audience.

Growing brands through web

Website isn't just around making something look pretty - its around structure and navigation. Which questions do your audience need answered, and have you answered them?

By Chris Pymm : 22/08/2017
Responsive website - why your business needs a website across platforms.

Building a responsive website: Our Process

The a dozen eggs process of building a responsive website.

By Chris Pymm : 09/10/2014
Why your businesses need a Responsive site

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

Why do I need a responsive site? Google likes it! Think about the experience your customers are experiencing alongside the increase in conversion rates.

By Chris Pymm : 20/08/2014
Responsive websites ensure content and brand looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What are responsive websites?

Websites need to work on phones. We are all used to using our phones as one of the main sources of Googling, checking emails and social media. You want your site to work for your customers.

By Chris Pymm : 01/07/2014