By Chris Pymm
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Growing brands through web

Great web design isn’t just making something pretty. Your website has a function, a goal, whether that’s convincing the visitor that you’re the right supplier for them and getting them to pick up the phone, or for them to add your products to the basket and complete the checkout process, your website has to work for you.

The process of designing and building a website needs to start with an understanding of your business as a whole, your customers and their needs. Once this has been established, what your customers want, and your goals for the website, you can then work to develop your content strategy and the structure and hierarchy of your site. First, establish the optimum structure – does the navigation make sense to a potential customer? Are they seeing the things they expect to see? Then go onto work out the priorities on each page – where do you want to lead your customer next?

Only once the structure and navigation are decided upon do you start with the visuals: designing the site around the content and the user-goals to provide a result that not only looks fantastic, it gets results too. Starting with a number of homepage concepts to develop the right ‘look and feel’ the designs can then be tweaked and modified until site-wide static designs are developed.

a dozen eggs manage our brand identity with their designs and artwork. All our promotional materials, our mobile app, iconography and our web site have now formed a cohesive brand image … They support any of our unusual ideas and come up with some great ideas of their own. We have never been disappointed or let down. Communication is always open and flowing and they are happy to work with us when we have important deadlines. We are very happy customers!

Holly - DepotNet

Behind the scenes

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The web development process

The a dozen eggs web development process starts with content, identifying audience and goals of the site before thinking about site structure & navigation.

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