By Fran Johnson
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The web development process

Most web projects take us through a similar development process involving collaboration, problem solving and asking lots of questions! We tackle web in much the same way as we navigate brand – firstly understanding your audience, and secondly getting an idea of your business plan and direction.

We start with content

Content is usually the most important part of your site – we look to establish visitors prior knowledge of your business and audience types before we start working on the rest of the development process; navigation and structure.

This part of the process is best done face to face – we spend a couple of hours nailing down the structure so that we can work out the priorities of a page and call to actions.

The web development process - mapping out navigation and priorities on a page.


Only once there is a sound structure in place do we start thinking about the visuals. We send over a list of sites we think you might like (and throw in some wild cards too!) or we send over moodboards for you to circle what you like, and cross out what you don’t.

The web development process, moodboard feedback.

Then comes the design

We then work to produce around 2 static homepage designs that take into consideration your brand and your goals – our aim is to design a site that not only looks great, but gets results too!

We then tweak and modify a chosen design, and produce static designs for the rest of the main templates of your site.

Build finalises the development process

Once we are happy with the structure, designs and flow of the site, and all the designs have been signed off we then start to build. Either using our own content management system, Nest, or another CMS our web team transfer the designs into a functioning site that works well across all platforms.

We put the site onto a password protected preview site, for you to add content and check everything is just so! Once the content has been inserted, we are ready to launch!

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