By Fran Johnson
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Does your brand stand out?

Does your brand stand out? Innocent drinks, a case study

There are a certain number of brands that feel totally different to what has come before within their market segment. Innocent Drinks are one of those brands. With a focus on social, and a light hearted nature, they have tried (and are succeeding) in being different – there brand stand out. As a side note, go to their website, and click on the Australian flag on the bottom of the page!

How can your brand stand out?

If you are creating a brand that has a different outlook from the current market, where do you start?

In order to be different you need to fully understand the market, and your competitors – do they all use the same language? Are the visuals frighteningly similar? Mapping out the brands that occupy the same space as you will give you a good idea about where to direct your attention.

Different for difference’s sake will not work. We believe one of the ways to create a successful brand is to focus on audience. Do they want a break in their day where they are entertained and made to feel good? Do they want to start in depth conversations about the meaning of life?! Choose an angle – and push it.

Over time, as if with the case of Innocent, your brand will no longer feel as different as it once did. If you are successful, others will copy. How do you ensure your brand doesn’t get stale? How can your brand stand out?

Have a plan

Innocent’s plan is to ensure their brand is consistent across social and events. Their purpose as a company is ‘helping people live well’ and increased attention on their festival and Big Knit campaign ensures their audience will both interact with, and recognise the brand for years to come.

The innocent festival - unplugged.

Bring in outside help

Often it’s hard to be creative when you are immersed in the metrics of your company. Making bold decisions around brand positioning is best done in a team. Build a team, whether through hiring or friends you trust that is diverse and one that will surprise and inspire you.

Photograph from About Time

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