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Pioneer Conferences

Pioneer is a network of churches based in the UK and Internationally who are highly relational. They connect churches up with each other and seek to take the gospel into new places and spaces. Every year, Pioneer hold a leadership conference for the leaders within their network. Since 2021, a dozen eggs have been invited to produce the Pioneer conference branding, alongside a brochure for use at the event – detailing the agenda, speaker bios and additional information such as maps.

Conference branding for Pioneer churches : Future NOW

2021 : Future // Now

The brief was based on communicating the contrast and tension between the future and the present. Looking at a future that is vast and holds many possibilities compared to a ‘contained and specific’ now. We explored a set of designs that would sit comfortably alongside the current Pioneer brand, whilst developing a tone that felt fitting for the current times! A set of assets that could be utilised across digital and print were created alongside a conference brochure that detailed the speakers, events and vision.

2022 : Future // Hope and 2023 : Fire & Form

2022 saw a continuation of the 2021 theme, with the church gathering together in person (after COVID). The 2023 conference sought to ‘ignite and equip’ the church for years to come. We supplied the Pioneer team with digital assets that they could use as templates for social media in order to highlight both the conference and the speaking team.

2024 : Forty

The next Pioneer conference in 2024 will be a celebration of them turning forty, and all that means for them as a network. We look forward to releasing the designs soon!

Pioneer conference brochures

Alongside every good conference brand is a conference brochure! We’ve created a template that we hope is easy to navigate, legible (under low light!) and can act as an extension of the brand.

Spreads for pioneer booklet for leaders

For more information about the wider Pioneer brand, please visit our portfolio.