Nottingham University Animation for University of Nottingham, promoting student life.
Nottingham University
Tandem Illustrations and storyboard developed in Loughborough University by Professor Sophia Jowett
Web Brand Identity Animation
Loughborough University Illustrated scene from an animation for Loughborough University School of Business
Loughborough University
Animation Illustration Print Digital

Animation services include; branding, animations, moving image, illustration, storyboarding, animated gifs and digital design. At a dozen eggs we’ve undertaken a number of animation projects for products and services, including for Loughborough University and the University of Nottingham.

If you’ve got a great idea; a product to sell; an app to launch or a service to promote – animation is a great way to do it. Animation is a powerful tool to grab and capture people’s attention – whether that’s on your website; during an investment pitch; for a product demonstration or a training session.

Combining visuals and sound, animation helps to explain concepts and processes or bring a story to life in a simple and engaging way. In an age of information overload you have seconds to engage your consumer online before they move on. It’s vital that small businesses offer content that is easy to digest and naturally engaging. Animation can do just that – encouraging viewers to stay on your site for longer – with more time to interact with your brand and for your message to sink in.

Not only that – if a viewer enjoys your video they can share with others – reaching a far larger audience and increasing your brand exposure across multiple channels. Using video and voiceover is a great way to speak to your customers and to build up trust and credibility.

Research has found that 7 in 10 people view brands more favourably after watching interesting video content from them. Done well, animation can say a lot about your brand, personality – and the people behind the company.

With predictions that video will account for 69% of all internet traffic by 2017 – it may be time for your business to incorporate animation.

Why is Animation important?

Why is animation important? from a dozen eggs on Vimeo.

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