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Animation has become an increasingly useful tool to communicate your company story. It’s a great option when you don’t have access to video footage, or you wish to control your narrative more tightly. Animation can be used to strengthen your brand and provide engaging insights into your product or service.

Do you need an animation?

  1. You have a complex idea to communicate.

  2. Want to be more visible for video search terms.

  3. You need to develop an illustration style that fits with your wider brand.

How we can help

Animation can communicate complex ideas. It can be used to tell stories, and capture peoples attention. At a dozen eggs we can help you craft your story and engage your customers with your message.

Nottingham University animation in seminar design
Nottingham University animation in seminar design
Nottingham University

Using animation to attract students to Nottingham

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Animation Process

Our animation process differs slightly based on the level of complexity involved, but tends to follow the following format.

  1. Illustration style

    If you don’t currently have a brand illustration style, a dozen eggs can develop one for you. In order to do this, we follow a very similar process to our brand process.

    Exploring multiple directions
  2. The script

    This part of the process is down to you. If you need help crafting the script, we can point you in the direction of experts that can help refine your words. But, we think you are the best people to write the initial draft.

    What do you need to consider when writing an animation script?
  3. Storyboarding

    Once the style has been established, we storyboard the script – with particular attention to movement and transitions. Ideally, we meet to go through the decisions made, and refine until the message is clear.

    Our storyboarding process
  4. Animate

    Then, we make it move! We combine the visuals with the sound to develop an animation that works for your business. At the end of the process, you will have a final animation that can be hosted on Vimeo / YouTube / your own site.


An animation highlighting the pitfalls and possibilities of being online while managing an eating disorder

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Why a dozen eggs?

At a dozen eggs we understand both tone of voice, and story telling. As a team, we can guide you to select and refine your chosen messages and ensure the animation is fit for purpose. Whether you have an illustration style in mind, or need to create one from scratch, we can establish designs that align with your brand.

a dozen eggs are absolutely the team to brand and design – as an academic I had various fuzzy ideas about the kind of thing I wanted but the team were insightful, careful, inspiring and confident and produced stunning results. I recommend them to anyone I meet who could benefit from their cheerful, flexible and skilful work.

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe

Illustration from School of Business animation learning in a classroom
Illustration from School of Business animation celebrating Loughborough alumni
Loughborough University

Using illustration to bring clarity to the student journey

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