By Fran Johnson
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Our Branding Process

We believe the best way to design a brand that works is to begin by understanding the core of your business, find out what makes it tick and why it is unique. It’s always nice to meet but we appreciate this isn’t always possible and are happy to chat over the phone, or via email too. Here is the branding process we run through at a dozen eggs.

Brand Strategy

As designers, it is useful to know your business goals – where you want to be in 10 years time – so that we can develop a brand that is flexible and will continue working for you. We start the process by asking about your purpose as a company or charity and the direction you are likely to take.

A key conversation at this point is around your audience – do you know who your main target audience is? We can work with you to identify who you’ll be speaking to, and which people aren’t a good fit. The brand strategy part of the process can be expedited or extended, dependent on your company size and type.

Brand Audit

A brand audit only needs to apply when a rebrand is taking place. Put simply, a audit is an examination of all of your current brand elements – what works, and what doesn’t work. Often, successful rebrands are a continuation of whats gone before, rather than a clean slate. But this judgement can be made after a brand audit has taken place.

Design concepts

When creating a brand identity there is never just one design solution to fit the brief – it often depends on what resonates most with you as the business owner. We beaver away to create a variety of ideas and present you with several design concepts.

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Building a brand for multiple audiences



We encourage you to get feedback from others – colleagues, friends, potential customers. We listen to your thoughts and help you decide which branding concept is best suited to you and your business. The development process aims to polish and refine the initial concept until we reach a finished identity that you are completely happy with.

Completion of the branding process

On completion you will have a strong visual identity and a sound set of brand guidelines. We hand over all the necessary digital and print ready files you require so that your new brand is ready to go!

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