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Real Talk

Engaging patients in end of life talk.

How long have I got? A question asked by a terminally ill patient to a doctor is a difficult one to address well. Real Talk is a research group led by Dr Ruth Parry that looks to navigate the dilemmas of raising the topic of the patient’s death.

The project is video-based communication research and training in decision-making, empathy and pain management in supportive and palliative care. A series of recordings of different real life scenarios, NHS consultations and therapy sessions. The resources are designed to be used by people who already deliver communication training in NHS, Higher Education, and hospice organisations.

Real Talk facilitator manual design

Rebrand for Real Talk

a dozen eggs were asked to develop a brand identity that felt hopeful and fresh, but with a serious tone sensitive to the subject at hand. The logo needed to work alongside the partner organisations both on the website and within the facilitator manual.

Website design & development

The core of the work we undertook for Real Talk was to design and develop a password protected digital repository for all the resources.