Loughborough based NeoTimber brand identity
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NeoTimber sub brands for decking, cladding and fencing

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional wooden decking, cladding or fencing. NeoTimber manufactures and distributes products that don’t crack, fade, split or warp and are resistant to stains, mould and mildew. What more could you want!

The composite products combines that natural look of wood with low maintenance materials. It is cost-effective so also an ideal choice for locations with a high number of footfalls.


Part of the Buyrite group, NeoTimber required a logo that felt robust and easily accessible. We developed a colour coding system to allow for growth into different sections of composite materials. Rather than move down the eco route, which has a very specific visual language, we designed a brand identity that moved down the DIY route.

From the initial brief through to finished design, the professionalism and expertise of the team is second to none.

Ben Allen - Business Development Director