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Ongoing design work for management software solution company

In a nutshell Depotnet is a management software solution, specifically for the civil engineering industry. The company offer a whole host of services and are constantly striving to employ the best technology to improve depot management. Designed for the contractors market, the system is modular in nature so their clients only pay for what they need. DepotNet’s aims are to maximise productivity, increase efficiency and reduce non-compliant working.

Depotnet require ongoing design work as they adapt, develop, improve and expand their service. To date we’ve helped to establish a strong and recognisable design style across their website, digital and printed media. Overtime, a dozen eggs have developed a range of icons, a number of diagram styles and extended colour palettes to build up the central DepotNet brand.

They support any of our unusual ideas and come up with some great ideas of their own. We have been working with Jo and Fran for over 2 years now and have never been disappointed or let down. Communication is always open and flowing and they are happy to work with us when we have important deadlines. We are very happy customers!

Holly - DepotNet

An illustration to show how DepotNet software can be used at a building site.
An illustration to show how DepotNet software can be used at a building site.

It has always been the founder, Holly’s intention to inject personality into the DepotNet brand, so you may encounter Neddie in various getups!

Parklife logo design for DepotNet

Sub brands

Due to the modular nature of the software, a dozen eggs have been invited to design a number of sub brands including; iShare, iPulse, my55, Nutmeg, tarTAGs, Parklife and Jabber. With a little help from the ‘DepotNet green’ the subbrands retain the tone of the main DepotNet brand whilst ensuring the individual identities stand out.

All our promotional materials, our mobile app iconography and our website have now formed a cohesive brand image thanks to the work put in by a dozen eggs and the team there.