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Helpfully, there are two types of personas in branding! Personas created for the user (User personas), and the personas created for the brand itself (Brand personas). User personas are a tool created to help designers build a visual language for a brand – based on the idea that it is easier to design with one ideal ‘person in mind’ rather than design for thousands of individual people. A brand persona is a personification of your brand – character traits that you wish it to be known for.

We’ve delved into both types of personas in branding with a series of blog posts which you can read below. If you are interested in using our persona posters, you can download them here. If you do use them, we’d love to know!


User persona examples to help a branding strategy process

User persona examples to help you create your own

Searching for branding persona examples? Look no further - we have compiled some of the more interesting examples.

By Fran Johnson : 30/01/2023
Why creating a brand persona is great for your business

Why creating a Brand Persona is great for your business

Your brand has a personality, how do you find out what it is?

By Michelle Barnett : 06/05/2022
Toolkit helping you build a user persona for your brand

A toolkit: helping you build a user persona for your brand

Creating a persona is a very useful tool when it comes to developing a brand. Having a person in your minds eye when thinking about your brands visual language…

By Fran Johnson : 29/11/2022
What is a user persona in branding

What is a user persona in branding?

A user persona is a tool used in the creation of a brand to represent an ideal person or archetypical user. The idea being that it is easier to…

By Fran Johnson : 12/04/2023