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How to develop your brand personality

Every brand has a personality. But, some attract more attention than others.

Why does your brand need a personality?

Avoid trends to build your brand personality

Thank you to @bobby for compiling.

There are very few market sectors where a company is doing something unique and ‘never before seen’. Usually companies have numerous competitors, and can be selling the same thing.

So, how you stand out from the crowd becomes the question.

I am more likely to shop at John Lewis than Debenhams. Why is that? The retail space feels calmer, music isn’t playing, they seem to genuinely care about their customers and I know I can return items with no fuss! I feel like I understand who they are as a company.

Establishing a brand personalty that customers understand is key.

Don’t be the same as everyone else!

Don’t jump too quickly into visuals, or be the magpie of the design process – copying something you’ve seen before. Your design work might end up looking great, but the brand will feel hollow. As a team of designers, we are perhaps best place to notice the trends you may not be aware of. So, we’ve compiled a few examples!

Starting with a strategy rather than an idea of what your brand will look like is the best way to ensure originality. You may inadvertently stumble on a trend, but your brand will have personality and will be relatable to your audience.

Web based design trends

Thank you to @thogge for compiling.

How to be unique? 3 ways to develop your brand’s personality

1. Understand who you are

Choosing your value words – words that describe your brand personality, is a very useful starting point. The act of selecting descriptors gives a structure that becomes very useful once you start to visualise your brand.

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2. Know who you are speaking to

As people, we all belong to various tribes. Learning how to speak to the tribe your audience is made up of is crucial to working out how to talk to them.

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3. What is your message?

It may sound obvious, but knowing your message is crucial to working out your brand personality. You may need to be forceful with communication, your message might be serious, it may need to be delivered with humour. The Ministry of Defence can never have a brand value of ‘playful’.

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