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Loughborough Amherst School

One of the UK’s oldest Independent schools, Loughborough Amherst School is part of the Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation. The school enjoys academic success and a supportive environment. With an ethos of “helping to nurture young people who are confident but not arrogant and ambitious but not materialistic” being communicated in all they did.

There namesake, Mart Barbara Amherst, oversaw the development of a number of schools – together with the generosity of Lady Arundell. A boarding school for girls, a school for children living in poverty and an industrial school for women were established around Loughborough in the 1800’s.

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Formally, Our Lady’s Covent School, the school undertook a name change at the same point as becoming a co-educational establishment. Having previously designed and built the Our Lady’s Covent School website, when the establishment required a spruce to align with the new branding a dozen eggs looked forward to the task. Ensuring that a number of small design decisions were taken that could create the greatest impact.

Originally, we were asked to design a website that reflected the friendly and down to earth nature of the school, and provide easy access to information for parents through each of the stages of education that they provide.

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Using photographs is a useful way to offer an authentic vision of the school. With images of pupils within friendship groups and an air of informality ensuring the school feels like a friendly place to be. Parents are then informed to make better choices for their children. Working out whether the environment and culture caters to their needs.

School websites are constantly evolving with changes in policy needing to be communicated to parents frequently. a dozen eggs therefore built a site for Loughborough Amherst School that could withstand the changes. A site that was easy to manage with a degree of future proofing with the functionality.