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Building successful brands: A step-by-step series of blog posts to guide you through the process of brand strategy and design. The series covers identifying purpose, mapping out the future of your company, delving into brand values, defining your audience, building a bridge between strategy and visuals and thinking about your competition.

The power of purpose, and why it is important within brand strategy.

Purpose: Working out the WHY?

Successful brands are are build when the business case for purpose is established - understanding of the core reason your business exists is the first step towards getting a brand that actually works.

By Fran Johnson : 17/03/2017
Building a brand by mapping out the route.

Future: Mapping out the route

Brand strategy needs to look into the future. Understanding the next 10 years of where you want to take your company, and the general landscape of branding and how audiences understand brand.

By Fran Johnson : 02/07/2017
Brand values - what’s at the core?

Brand Values: What’s at the core?

What are your brand values? An important step into establishing a brand strategy is to select a number of words that you can measure decisions against.

By Fran Johnson : 20/03/2017
Consider your audience for branding - how to define, prioritise, profile and target

Audience: Define, prioritise, profile, target

Understanding of your current and future audience types mean the foundations of a brand can be built. How to define, profile and target them?

By Fran Johnson : 30/06/2017
Building the bridge between visuals and brand strategy.

Visuals: Bridging the words and the pictures

Often, talking about branding is the easy bit - everyone is on the same page. Then, the visuals appear and everyone has different opinions. This blog post is around ensuring all stakeholders involved have an understanding of the visuals, tone and style.

By Fran Johnson : 15/08/2017
Is knowing about your competition important?

Thinking about your competition

Where is your company positioned within the market? Does your brand stand out from your competition, or fit into the status quo?

By Fran Johnson : 16/08/2017