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The power of purpose, and why it is important within brand strategy.

Purpose: Working out the WHY?

Branding is about communication. Communicating your message to your audience. Brand strategy is about making sure you know what your message is, who your audience are and how to…

By Frances Collins : 17/03/2017
Building a brand by mapping out the route.

Future: Mapping out the route

Speech marks left Overall, because branding is about creating and sustaining trust it means delivering on promises. The best and most successful brands are completely coherent. Every aspect of what…

By Frances Collins : 02/07/2017
Brand values - what’s at the core?

Brand Values: What’s at the core?

A brand is something that should always be developing and built upon. No longer is it enough to redesign your logo every 10 years and leave it be. Brand…

By Frances Collins : 20/03/2017
Consider your audience for branding - how to define, prioritise, profile and target

Audience: Define, prioritise, profile, target

Nearly every company will have more than one audience group. Investors are looking for something different than ‘front line’ employees; and users of a product or service can vary…

By Frances Collins : 30/06/2017
Building the bridge between visuals and brand strategy.

Visuals: Bridging the words and the pictures

Exercises like working out your brand values, or uncovering your audience personas can feel really satisfying once complete. Often, when completed as part of a team it…

By Frances Collins : 15/08/2017
Is knowing about your competition important?

Thinking about your competition

As a company, you don’t always need to stand out from your competition in an obvious way. However, you do need to understand where you are positioned within the…

By Frances Collins : 16/08/2017

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