Turned On It's Head

by Michelle Barnett

Posted on 21 March 2017

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Sponge photo

Midlands-based dance company Turned On It's Head create amazing opportunites for young children and their families to explore movement, play, and dance together.  As well as performing their interactive shows in theatres, they visit communities and put on workshops that are accessible to families of diverse backgrounds and abilities.  This has earned them a place in The People's Projects, where good causes across the UK are awarded funding to support their community work (futher details below).  

When we came to designing and building Turned On It's Head's website, we knew it would need to manage all the different strands of their work, while still expressing the joy and imagination that characterises their shows.

Jo - Design

"Designing the website for Turned on it’s Head was a thoroughly enjoyable project. The ethos of the company is energetic, creative and fun - all elements we had to consider and capture in the site design. There is also huge potential for future growth and an endless well of wonderful shows and creative projects in the pipeline. With this in mind, the website needed to be flexible - with structures in place to expand the design and functionality to accommodate future ventures.

Primarily TOIH required a website to highlight everything the company had to offer - weekly classes, live touring shows and a growing network for creative discussion and input. Easy navigation was key and we adopted a clean, clear design which was easy to navigate and drew attention to the different activities on offer.  

Liz already had a bank of brilliant photography and a really well-shot video. We could keep wording to a minimum and let the energy and playfulness of TOIH shine through using images and video. Arrive at the site to a a fabulous, continually playing clip of children and parents alike, spinning, sliding and laughing. 

The site is also a great example of when the whole a dozen eggs team is needed - Initial branding for the Dance company as well as sub-brands for each show; a collaborative process to design, develop and build the website; and some wonderful illustrations and an animated logo from our illustrator Michelle."


Danny - Web Development

"When it came to building the website, it was a smooth build, as each element and functionality of the website had been well thought out beforehand in collaboration with the client.  Viewers of the website who have web development experience will notice that each Turned On It's Head show featured is effectively a "mini-site". This allows Liz and her team to not only expand each show without affecting the other shows, but also to create new shows with their own branding that will have the same functionality. 

Being dynamic and expandable in this way was one of the top priorities to get right in the build and we are happy to say we achieved it."


Turned On It's Head is taking part in The People's Project, which offers funding to good causes across the UK.  Their Sponge Play workshops give local families, often with economic or health issues, the chance to play, exercise, and build good relationships together that benefit the whole family.  You can vote for their project at The People's Project website.