The story of the hand and bowl food concept
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Hand & Bowl

Man holding some food for Hand and Bowl

Hand & Bowl is the new food concept out of the Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company which does exactly what it says on the tin, serving food that can be eaten either by hand or using a bowl!

With an ever-changing menu, designed to stay fresh & creative with food, Hand & Bowl hopes to be the next pub food concept available throughout the UK.

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Available at the White Hart in Loughborough, you can keep up to date with the ever changing gallery of food on Facebook. a dozen eggs designed a logo that works as a subbrand underneath the Benjamin Pimlico Pub Company umbrella. We developed a light-hearted illustration that explored the (ever so equivocal evolution) of the Hand & Bowl story, using the brand-led illustration style designed for Benjamin Pimlico.

Photographs by Ben Maunder