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A key to a successful brand is to represent it consistently to the outside world.

You can still be flexible depending on the message you want to communicate at the time. But having good design principles in place helps to ensure everything you produce looks fantastic and represents your brand consistently.

Does your design work need a refresh?

  1. You need to create more consistency across your printed and digital material.

  2. You’re in need of some new design work to shift the way your customers see your brand.

  3. You’ve got a new message to communicate to your customers.

How we can help

Design is a useful tool to extend your brand. Whether through digital or print, a piece of design work is often the first interaction your audience has with your company. If you’d like to improve the quality of the design work you’re sending out to your customers then we can help. Whether it’s print or digital we will work with you to create something that is clear and consistent. Design that represents your brand at its best.

How we’ve helped

Types of design we do

Clients come to us to extend their brand using printed or digital materials, and ensure consistency across all communication.

  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Exhibition
  • Signage
  • Infographics
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Business Stationery
  • Cards
  • Gift vouchers
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment slips
  • Email signatures
  • Invoice sheets
  • Wayfinding
  • Point of Sale
  • Annual Reports
  • Catalogues
  • Company Reports
  • Presentations
  • Uniform Branding
  • Posters
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media
  • Brand books
  • Investor Packs
  • Magazine adverts
  • Newspaper adverts

Why a dozen eggs?

We are constantly thinking about brand! We design for impact, and whilst we won’t be your go-to for routine social media designs or huge product catalogues. If you are in need of print or digital materials that both resonates with your customers and reflects your company values, then get in touch.

The eggs (as we affectionately call them!) have been fantastic to work with. They have listened to our ideas, understood our product and its customers and created a visual identity for our brewery of which we are both confident and proud!

Andrea Reed, Charnwood Brewery

Who we’ve worked with

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