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Insights Dale Stillman

Web developer and problem solver, Dale Stillman’s knowledge and versatility is extensive. As the scope and opportunity within his field continues to expand, Dale explores all facets of web development and experience design.

We use wordpress to create functional websites with strong SEO and a great system of plugins

Why we build websites with WordPress

From plugins and custom fields, to themes and SEO assistance. Here's why the flexibility of Wordpress works for so many of our web builds.

By Dale Stillman : 02/11/2020
Speed on websites

Why is my website slow?

A speedy site is a must when it comes to ranking on google and also not annoying your users.

By Dale Stillman : 13/09/2020
SEO and ranking highly on google

How to rank higher on Google – things a website owner need to know about SEO

It takes a good strategy and some dedicated time to rank highly on Google. Dale goes through some areas to consider.

By Dale Stillman : 22/06/2020
a dozen eggs website design, rebranding and web development: designing and building

Building the new a dozen eggs website

A walk through our decisions when designing and building the a dozen eggs website.

By Dale Stillman : 27/02/2018
What is HTTPS and why is it important?

HTTPS – How secure is your browsing?

Adding HTTPS to a website ensures its secure. A requirement for eccomerce websites, and likely to be standard in years to come.

By Dale Stillman : 12/07/2017