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Brand workshops

Brand is more important than ever, as users we have gut opinions on most brands. As a result, we dismiss or embrace them dependant on subtle differences in communication. Therefore, brand workshops are a useful tool to cement decisions, and question how your audience views your brand before getting stuck into the design work.

How we can help

Brand strategy can sound complex, but it boils down to making decisions about a few key points. What do you want to stand for? Who do you want to be speaking to? And how you should start to speak to them? At a dozen eggs we have developed tools in the hope that you’ll get the answers to these questions and add clarity, quickly.

Brand workshops : whats involved?

Our brand workshops are designed to help you answer the questions that will steer your brand in the right direction. For example, who are you speaking to? What do you want to say? They tend to last a day, but can be longer if lots of stakeholders are involved. The best workshops are done with everyone in the same room – getting people talking, thinking and disagreeing!

  1. Purpose

    Why does your company even exist? Crafting a purpose is the first step to ensuring every step you take when it comes to brand is moving in the same direction.

    Why is establishing a purpose important?
  2. Audience

    Having an understanding of who you want to be speaking to is key. We help you identify your current audience, and if needed, your future one. We use a design tool called personas to help you make key design decisions.

    Audience: Define, prioritise, profile, target
  3. Brand values

    What do you want your brand to be known for? At a dozen eggs, we have developed a tool that can help you choose value words quickly, and provide a forum to ensure all major stakeholders are on the same page.

    Using brand words for your business
  4. Brand touchpoints

    When are the best times to interrupt your audiences day? How do you need to speak to them? We explore these questions, and more, so you leave the workshop with immediate, actionable goals.

Why a dozen eggs?

Establishing a plan for your brand is worth the investment, both in time and money. Our wealth of experience in brand strategy means we can both act as a independent observer and brand experts. We can help steer the decisions you make around audience, your brand values and purpose.

The brand workshops have been designed to be flexible – utilising a toolbox of exercises and questions to get to an endpoint where you’ve made decisions that can be acted upon.

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