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Are you overwhelmed with brand strategy? Struggling to know which parts of brand strategy you need to focus on? Which parts will make the biggest difference? If you are a sole trader, partnership, small business or a student we have compiled a step by step guide to help you make good decisions about your brand direction.

What are the core elements of a brand strategy?

At a dozen eggs we believe the core elements of brand strategy include; choosing your value words, establishing your user personas and making sure all the stakeholders are on the same page – visually!

  1. Why do you do what you do?

    Clarifying the message you wish to communicate to your customers.

    Work out your why
  2. Brand words.

    Use our simple tool to help define your brand values into three words.

    Choose your brand words
  3. User personas.

    Select a persona poster that best represents your target audience. Or create your own.

    Select a user persona
  4. Mood boards.

    The bridge between brand strategy and the visuals of brand identity.

    Why we use moodboards
  5. Choosing a design agency.

    What to look out for in order to get the best result for your money.

    How to choose?

Brand strategy has a lot of buzz words; brand mission, brand values, vision, purpose, essence, value propositions, promise, story, innovation, experience, to name a few! But which ones are important?

Put simply, brand strategy is about knowing what your message is, who your audience are and how to communicate it to them.

Brand Words

Selecting three words that your brand can be known for is a great place to solidify the direction of your branding. A vibrant, energetic and fun brand will look very different to a traditional, organic and trusted one.

What will your brand words be? Try our handy tool (it’s free)



Another useful tool for brand strategy is personas! Personas are a great when you don’t have a massive market research budget, but want to make some informed decisions about your brand and its audience.

We’ve used research from the very clever people at CACI to create personas for 69 people – a cross section of the UK population. You are welcome to use them for your own projects – all persona posters are available to download.

download user persona document

Four user personas for branding projects


Once you know what you want to communicate and who you want to communicate it to, it is useful to start thinking about the visuals. Moodboards are a good place to start to ensure every stakeholder involved in a branding project is on the same page – visually. Watch this space for when we develop a tool that aids designers in the moodboard process. But for now, here is a list of branding agencies that we recommend for inspiration.

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