By Michelle Barnett
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Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 1

‘Brand’ and ‘Design’ are words with a sense of glam to them. We have personal brands, big brand items, brand spanking new brands…. Surely a branding agency like a dozen eggs should be found in a big city? But instead we’re in the humble university town of Loughborough (if you’ve never been, that’s half way up the M1 between Leicester and Nottingham).

And we’re not the only ones. Your unassuming small town could turn out to be an emerging entrepreneurship hotspot too!

Why are we here, and not in a big city?

Both of our directors graduated from Loughborough University, and then took advantage of the support for new ventures offered by The Studio.  The scheme offered advice, space to work, access to resources and funding opportunities. The fact that this support was available, diverting a small stream of design graduates away from the gravitational pull of the traditional city narrative, gave a dozen eggs their start when it was just a partnership of two.  A gentle push like this can funnel new life into areas not previously known as creative hubs.

Check out this vintage photo of the original Studio group, including our directors Fran (third from the right) and Jo (far left)!

The Studio group at Loughborough University

Making By the time a dozen eggs was well established enough to think about moving to a new location, it already had a sturdy base of both clients and employees that made it not worth the move.

Escape to the country

It can be pretty nice living out here too!  We’re all being encouraged to take our health and wellbeing more seriously these days, and where you live factors into that. We no longer expect to sacrifice all our quality of life for a stellar career.  Instead, a balance of both is ideal.  This can be seen in Creative Review‘s article, where they found waves of Millennials (workers now in their 30s) who are choosing to shun the city life for something a bit greener.

A Sense of Place collects art inspired by living in and around Brighton and the South Downs.  As printmaker Bella Gomez says;

When modern life weighs heavy the wild, open expanse of the Downs helps lighten the load. They offer solitude. A space to think. A space to be. 

A Sense of Place

They might be seeking more space, affordable housing, or activities outside of work.  Physical space and access to nature offers a break from the digital crowdedness that can overtake our lives.  We all know that some time and quiet – even to the point of boredom! – can be a catalyst for the creative process, and these things aren’t always available in a sprawling city. 

Outdoor spaces are good for both health and creativity. This lovely wood is just 10 minutes from the a dozen eggs office in Loughborough

Jubilee Wood, just 10 minutes from the a dozen eggs office in Loughborough

All in all, the question isn’t ‘why would we design in a place like Loughborough?’  It’s ‘why wouldn’t we?’

Next time time we’ll be talking about how being based here has directly impacted how we do business.  We’re talking competition, avoiding being the big fish in a small pond, and the great client relationships we’ve been able to build.

Why do we design brands in Loughborough? – part 2

Branding and web design in Loughborough gives us the bonus of great community relationships, along with connections to clients all over the UK, and even the globe!

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