Charnwood Brewery branding and design

Charnwood Brewery are a fabulous, local micro-brewery and well loved client of ours. They are known for their quality, craft, cask conditioned beer and have a strong, local fan base and brand buy-in.

a dozen eggs have worked alongside Charnwood Brewery since they launched in 2014. From the off we knew the family-run brewery would be fun, creative and quirky and required a brand with enough personality to reflect that.

We developed the initial brewery branding and ‘Clarence’ the fox logo, accompanied by a website and marketing material to launch with.

Their core range and ever growing number of seasonal and guest beers all come with their own styling and playful, illustrated identities.

We continue to work with Charnwood Brewery today - developing their growing body of beers and merchandise, and extending their online presence as their success and reputation continue to boom!

Find Charnwood Brewery beers in pubs across Leicestershire and Nottingham.


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Andrew unloading the van Charnwood brewery
Clarence at the brewery loughborough
Liska beer Charnwood brewery
Brewery shop in Loughborough
Boxes for Charnwood brewery beers
Leaflet for Charnwood Brewery