Soar Valley Life magazine design from a dozen eggs
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Soar Valley Life

Soar Valley Life is a magazine distributed free of charge to 40,000 homes and businesses within Loughborough and Leicestershire. Run by a husband and wife team, the magazine was established in 2012 and has since grown year on year.

Soar Valley Life logo design for an award winning magazine

Steve, joint-editor and owner, of Soar Valley Life approached a dozen eggs to give the magazine a spruce! The existing identity had character but was cluttered. And therefore felt overwhelming when landing through the letterbox. The new design needs to retain a sense of fun, reflecting the ethos of the magazine. Whilst striking the balance between familiarity and contemporary design.

The design challenge was to ensure consistency of brand could be guaranteed month to month. Whilst allowing the content of the magazine to hold impact. Selecting a colour that could quickly be identified as the Soar Valley Life blue, was one of the decisions that enabled this to happen. We also couldn’t resist animating the swans within the logo for use on the magazines social channels and website.

Working alongside their designer, Alison Poole, a dozen eggs created a design direction that could be implemented throughout the rest of the magazine. This ensured the directory pages, recipes and John’s articles about local attractions and businesses all felt like they belonged to the same magazine.