By Michelle Barnett
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How does LinkedIn help your business?

When it comes to social networking, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms.  It has a unique focus on networking between companies rather than individuals.  This means it can boost your business in ways that other social media simply can’t.  Here are our tips to getting the most out of it.

Put your best foot forward

As well as displaying all the essentials about your business and your resume, your profile page is a great place to promote your current products and services.  Utilise your branding, and make sure to keep it updated with your latest activities.  This helps visitors to your page get a clear idea of what your skills are.  A current profile also shows that you’re active and likely to respond to anyone who contacts you

Be strategic

There are over 65 million professionals using LinkedIn, but not all of them are going to be useful contacts for your business.  Start by reaching out to people you know who can endorse you.  Then as your network grows and you begin to link to other businesses, think about targeting particular sectors.

Connecting with people in similar industries is a valuable way of participating in the community.  You can easily keep up with advice and information.  It also means you’ve got an eye on the competition and any developing trends.

You can network with an eye to future jobs too.  Linking to businesses you would like to work with, or talking to groups you’d like to expand into can open doors and generate interest in what you offer.  Making your mark early can really pay off!

Look through the job postings

LinkedIn members can post upcoming jobs on LinkedIn.  Many of those will only be posted there as it’s more efficient to advertise for work in a network dedicated to professionals.  Use your network of contacts to help you get an extra foot in the door, both through them referring you to their own contacts, and their recommendation of your skills.  These will then be seen by prospective clients.

Grow a reputation

The message boards are a great place to establish yourself as en expert in your field.  Answering questions and lending a helping hand to other users helps to start conversations, build rapport and show off your business acumen.  A little effort meeting new people and making yourself invaluable goes a long way.  Maybe even pose a few questions of your own to get the ball rolling.

You can also share your unique blog content on the site.  Steer clear of re-blogging, but anything you’ve written yourself is a great example of your area of expertise.  You can even promote that blog content with ads which can be carefully targeted.


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