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When can holding pages work for your business?

Holding pages – how can they serve you?

Holding pages need to be simple and direct - ensuring the information is clear and the brand stands out.

By Frances Collins : 27/07/2014
Brands that are driven by content - part of a brand strategy series.

Content driven brands

A number of brands that are content driven have taken a flexible approach to branding. We look at AOL and Google to see what we can learn.

By Frances Collins : 02/07/2014
Responsive websites ensure content and brand looks good on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What are responsive websites?

Websites need to work on phones. We are all used to using our phones as one of the main sources of Googling, checking emails and social media. You want your site to work for your customers.

By Chris Pymm : 01/07/2014
Branding strategy for service companies.

Branding for service companies

People complain. When the service isn't up to expectations, we hold it against the brand that served us. So how do you brand to manage expectations?

By Frances Collins : 14/05/2014
How can Pinterest help your SEO

How can Pinterest help my SEO?

Pinterest currently drives more traffic than Linkedin, Google +, and Youtube combined. It can be used to promote your website on Google, Bing and other search engines.

By Frances Collins : 22/04/2014
Developing a brand for multiple audiences.

How to brand for Multiple Audiences?

How do you design and develop a brand if you have multiple audiences? This blog post looks into branding for charities and political parties.

By Frances Collins : 10/12/2013