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How can your business use twitter?

How can my business use Twitter?

How can twitter help your business? And do you need it to?

By Frances Collins : 01/10/2013
How to use etsy, a guide from a dozen eggs

All about Etsy

Does your business use Etsy as a tool? This blog post delves into using photography, keywords, the art of renewing and understanding your brand.

By Frances Collins : 12/08/2013
Choosing a name for your business is tricky, some ideas on how to go about it

What should I call my new business?

A tricky task. What do you need to understand about naming in order to choose the correct name for your business venture?

By Frances Collins : 24/07/2013
Don't just dive into branding visuals - think about the why as well as the how.

Branding Visuals: don’t dive straight in!

Branding and design is not about just making it look pretty! What do you need to consider?

By Frances Collins : 10/06/2013
Chris Pymm, technical director at a dozen eggs

Chris joins a dozen eggs

a dozen eggs are delighted to introduce to you our newest team member and technical whizz – Chris Pymm! Many of you have already worked with Chris on…

By Frances Collins : 20/05/2013

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