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Martin MacDonald

Speaker & Nutritionist

Martin MacDonald is a speaker, expert and educator within the world of nutrition. He spent his formative years in performance nutrition working for a number of elite sports organisations. He is the founder of Mac-Nutrition, a nutrition based consultancy, MNU, a nutrition course and the Mentoring Lab, a professional development platform.

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Over the last couple of years Martin MacDonald has grown his social media following, is regularly invited to speak at conferences and is one of the leading voices in the UK nutrition industry. His former brand no longer worked for Martin so a dozen eggs were invited to develop a brand that could grow with him.

The tone of the brand was developed to feel punchy and professional, but with an obvious ‘established’ vibe. We needed to design a brand that could be easily recognised from an Instagram post through to presentation slides and worked with Martin’s existing tone of voice – uncompromisingly honest but with a sense of humour.

Web design & development

The ability for Martin to answer questions around all things nutrition was at the heart of the new website design. Extending a library of videos ranging from topics such as creatine to behavioural change, and food intolerances to pick and mix! a dozen eggs have designed the site so that users can search for previous answers as well as asking new questions. Once populated, the library will be the go-to place to find answers on evidenced-based nutrition, with subjects filtered by basic, intermediate or advanced.

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The new site is a place where Martin MacDonald can give away lots of free content, promote his new tour, and direct people to his showreel of presenting work. An online presence that showcases what Martin does best – educating people in evidence-based nutrition practices!

Martin MacDonald brand identity design