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Mac-Nutrition Collective

a dozen eggs have been working alongside the Mac-Nutrition Collective since 2014. Over time, developing brands that work alongside each other whilst retaining their individual identities. The collective aims to promote evidence based nutrition through education, mentoring and consultancy.

Martin MacDonald, the founder of the collective, approached us initially to develop the Mac-Nutrition website, and we have since established each brand, illustration style and web design and development for a number of sites.

Mac Nutrition University mobile website


The world’s first ever 12-month, evidence-based, online nutrition course.

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The fast growing nutrition course was established in 2017 and looks to equip nutritionists and trainers the world over with both theoretical and practical knowledge. The website aims to promote the course by showcasing student testimonials and endorsements from some of the best in the industry. Alongside the MNU team, a dozen eggs have skinned the framework for the course – ensuring the students get the ‘MNU experience’ every step of the way!

Mentoring Lab

Every MNU student has access to the Mentoring Lab – a professional development platform. The lab is constantly updated with the latest in nutrition, business and soft-skills knowledge. Therefore, the lab is currently used by doctors, students, nutritionists, personal trainers and coaches. It’s full of downloadable resources – saving lots of people time and money. The site is full of videos from experts within a number of fields – ensuring mentees confidence is increased!

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The UK’s leading consultancy for nutrition advice.

In 2016, Mac-Nutrition were in need of a web re-design. After changing priorities from being a resource-led to a service-led organisation, new navigation needed to be established that would guide viewers around the site clearly and highlight the new features.

Mac Nutrition website on macbook, showing the about page.

The design concentrates on using white space and a simple colour palette to ensure viewers are drawn to the visuals, which emphasise the key services that Mac-Nutrition offers. The understated nature of the brand means that Mac-Nutrition’s work is pushed to the forefront. Information and photos are placed in a clearly organised layout, allowing visitors to quickly locate the information they need.

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a dozen eggs have a lot of really great ideas to improve usability and designed a very professional and clear website.

Katherine - Mac-Nutrition