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Crafting culture - Jollies socks.

Crafting culture

We are approaching our mature age of 4. As such have decided to reflect and celebrate what has been such a great journey through giving the stage to a…

By Peter Vickers : 20/10/2014
Responsive website - why your business needs a website across platforms.

Building a responsive website: Our Process

The a dozen eggs process of building a responsive website.

By Chris Pymm : 09/10/2014
Peter Vickers joining the a dozen eggs team.

Introducing: Peter

Exciting news – we are delighted to introduce a new member to our team. Peter Vickers will be joining us for the next three months and bringing with him…

By Jo Wdowiak : 23/09/2014
Insights around designing for a lifestyle brand

How to design a lifestyle brand

How to design for a brand when its customers have very high expectations. Branding for up market aspirational or lifestyle brand.

By Fran Johnson : 16/09/2014
Why your businesses need a Responsive site

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

Why do I need a responsive site? Google likes it! Think about the experience your customers are experiencing alongside the increase in conversion rates.

By Chris Pymm : 20/08/2014
Flat design verses realism, as demonstrated by a pencil

Flat Design v Realism

Flat design vs skenomorphism! Flat design seems to be winning with Apple making the change.

By Jo Wdowiak : 11/08/2014