By Fran Johnson
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Our favourite branding agencies

The field of branding attracts some very interesting and creative people (if we do say so ourselves!) and some talented branding agencies in the UK and beyond.

We wanted to celebrate those creative design agencies in a list of the ones we’d consider the best! We hope it inspires you.


You will find Pentagram in the number one spot of a lot of lists. An incredibly talented group of designers, they are one of the only big players to be owned by the designers themselves.

One of the things you’ll notice whilst looking through their portfolio is the variety of visual styles. They truly look to establish a visual tone for each project that works for the company they are branding, rather than following design trends or stamping a house style onto every design problem.

Pentagram studio Fisher Price brand

Whilst it would be impossible to pick a favourite project, we are fans of the Fisher Price, Congregation and Riotous Company brands.

view Pentagram's website


Collins are fun! Their ideas page on their website is a case in point. Their use of a range of illustration and photography styles means that each project feels unique and imaginative. Many of their projects are bold and creative. When looking through their portfolio you’ll notice there is a clear understanding of target audience, for example, their More than Magic project oozes teenage girl!

Collins creative design agency with the dropbox rebrand

We love the range of projects from Collins, but Robinhood, Spotify and match are definitely ones to delve into.

view Collins' website


Gretel are all about collaboration. They are known for coming alongside in-house teams to solve problems through brand at a corporate level. They will dig deep to get to the heart of the problem rather than produce surface level design work. Their portfolio is an interesting view from a strategic level, we recommend looking into Nike’s project as well as the National Geographic.

National Geographic branding agencies work by Gretel

Gretel are also pretty good at copywriting. We are big fans of the New York Times cooking project for its understanding of audience, and the tone created by the copy.

view Gretel's website

Design Studio

Design Studio have done a great service to the branding world by documenting their branding process. Airbnb were one the first projects to be documented step by step, and a website has also been setup to highlight some of the decisions made by their in-house design team. Airbnb have also since launched a digital toolkit for freelance illustrators working with other branding agencies called Tyrus.

Design studio often have tactile beginnings to their projects, from drawing 3D lighting rigs at Typeform to creating lots of mark making food patterns at Hello Fresh.

Since the early days of rebranding Airbnb, Design Studio have gone from strength to strength from rebranding Express VPN to the vibrancy of Deliveroo.

view Design Studio's website


A fairly new design agency started by Jessica Walsh (of Sagmeister & Walsh fame) &Walsh is certainly bold! They spend a large proportion of their time on self-initiated projects for social causes that are close to their heart. The majority of their team are women (similar to a dozen eggs!) which they speak about often on their site – well worth a read to get insight into the industry.

&Walsh are all about the wide ranging brand touch points! SuperShe, Baboon and Pet Plate are all bonkers projects, with loads of examples of how clients can extend their brands.

view &Walsh's website

We hope you enjoyed the branding agencies list – worth book marking to delve into their portfolios over a nice cup of tea when you have free moment.