About Us

a dozen eggs is a creative agency specialising in branding, design and web.

‘There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a new venture step out into the market place with a strong visual identity, an identity that they are comfortable and confident with and that will allow them to grow into successful, thriving businesses’. Jo

'We bring a love of branding into everything we do - whether that's creating logos, growing brands through design, or creating stunning websites. At all stages we are sticklers for quality, and always want to be able to supply our clients with something that really works for them'. Fran

The Name

The idea for the name came from a warm-up exercise used by the American choreographer Twyla Tharp. Her book, 'The Creative Habit', explores the nature of the creative process, not just within the world of dance, but across a vast spectrum of creativity.  Saw the name, liked the story – decision made!